The latest and greatest in that swag rap. Dude gets on and spits…stuff that kind of makes sense. Plus this beat is fire (sort of?). Just take a listen and found out why homeboy “isdabess”.


Diarrhea Planet – Fauser

It’s very rare that you find a band like Diarrhea Planet that makes music equally as awesome as they come up with band names. Luckily, I have braved the Great Internet Strike of 2012 and continued on to find you the Diarrhea Planets of the world. Diarrhea Planet is a great, raw, punk band from Nashville and you should definitely check them out. Diarrhea Planet. And yes, I am aware of how many times I said “diarrhea” in this post. Diarrhea.

Vacationer – Gone

This is a little tune called “Gone” from the mysterious one-man-band Vacationer. You may remember Vacationer from my “Best of” list a few posts back. Like “Trip”, this is another laid back jam that reminds me of the beach whenever I listen. Winter sucks.