2009: The Last Great Year in Music

I’ve tried to be optimistic about the overall state of music over the past year. But looking back at the numerous releases we saw in 2011, even the ones that topped critics’ “Best of” charts on a consistent basis, last year kind of sucked. Sure, we saw Adele run wild, achieving not only universal critical acclaim but also owning the pop charts, but she was just an incredible voice with decent production. Plus it didn’t hurt that “Rolling In the Deep” was one of the most infectious records to come out in a very log while. Right place, right time. Again, I’m not knocking Adele, but when you show up with your A-game when all the other pop artists phone in their work, it’s gonna make you look ten times better.

This got me to thinking; what was the last year to produce a slew of albums that really turned everyone’s head in the music world? The answer: 2009. Hit the jump as I breakdown some of the releases that made for a promising year musically, and why I am fairly confident 2012 will yield that same success. Continue reading



Rainy/snowy days really suck. Fret not. For I have taken the lemons that is today’s crappy weather and turned them into lemonade. Behold a collection of songs perfect for an afternoon like today. The mix can be found here. Hit the jump for a playlist. Enjoy.

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Patrick Watson

I recently came across an artist that I couldn’t choose what song to put up here because they were all just as good. Patrick Watson is one of those dudes where you instantly recognize how much talent they truly possess. Much like the singer he actually reminds me of, Jeff Buckley. Both singers combine their distinct voices and incredible songwriting ability to make great music. Hit the jump for some of my favorites. Continue reading