Michael Kiwanuka – Worry Walks Beside Me

This is an amazing new song from Michael Kiwanuka. One of the most soulful tracks I’ve heard in a very long time. Hopefully this guy comes out with more stuff in the future.


Patrick Watson

I recently came across an artist that I couldn’t choose what song to put up here because they were all just as good. Patrick Watson is one of those dudes where you instantly recognize how much talent they truly possess. Much like the singer he actually reminds me of, Jeff Buckley. Both singers combine their distinct voices and incredible songwriting ability to make great music. Hit the jump for some of my favorites. Continue reading

Diarrhea Planet – Fauser

It’s very rare that you find a band like Diarrhea Planet that makes music equally as awesome as they come up with band names. Luckily, I have braved the Great Internet Strike of 2012 and continued on to find you the Diarrhea Planets of the world. Diarrhea Planet is a great, raw, punk band from Nashville and you should definitely check them out. Diarrhea Planet. And yes, I am aware of how many times I said “diarrhea” in this post. Diarrhea.

Vacationer – Gone

This is a little tune called “Gone” from the mysterious one-man-band Vacationer. You may remember Vacationer from my “Best of” list a few posts back. Like “Trip”, this is another laid back jam that reminds me of the beach whenever I listen. Winter sucks.